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WayLogy - is a Ukrainian software development company which specialises on developing cross-platform mobile applications with Flutter, backend solutions, web applications and UI/UX design and more.

We make high-quality products with a transparent and adaptive development process that allows us to develop each product as efficiently and individually as possible.

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Wolfie Deals

As part of Wolfie, you are a part of the family that includes thousands of businesses across the country. You have joined the hyper-local marketing revolution that is sweeping the nation!

But what does that mean to your business specifically? Simply put, you will find new local customers, the ones that search for your exact product / service, connecting you with them instantly and free! There is simply no better formula for profitable local marketing with no upfront expenses!

Wolfie customers look for businesses that match their specific interest and location. They want a good deal at that precise place & time, and you are finally able to present that good deal to them just when they are looking for it!

Wolfie connects your business with your potential customers on a real-time basis. Enjoy the experience!

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"We’re impressed with the exceptional quality of WayLogy’s work."

WayLogy continues to deliver top-notch work, both design and functionality-wise, on time and according to the client's specifications. They excel at project management, and their ability to leverage their experience into well-performing solutions has broadened the scope of the engagement.

Michael Kogan

Michael Kogan

Founder, Wolfie

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Jack Heorhiian

Jack Heorhiian


Rostyslav Hetmaniuk

Rostyslav Hetmaniuk


Sergiy Palagniuk

Sergiy Palagniuk

Sales Manager

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